Resin-finished balconies and terraces

Resin-finished balconies and terraces

For years, building users and administrators have been struggling with the problem of ceramic tiles falling off on balconies and terraces.

The prevailing climatic conditions in our country mean that often even expensive and sophisticated insulation and finishing systems fail in the long term.

We have a solution for this. The system we propose is based on appropriately selected synthetic resins PUR or PMMA, which, thanks to their properties, guarantee many years of durability, tightness and resistance of the surface to mechanical damage, as well as an aesthetic appearance and ease of maintenance.

We offer customers a wide range of finishing options. It is possible to obtain a smooth, uniform surface that performs only the waterproofing function. It is also possible to apply a finishing backfill of flakes or quartz sand, which, depending on the adopted variant, will allow to obtain the desired degree of anti-slip and texture (for example, uniform or similar to stoneware or granite). Of course, many color variants of the finish are available to the customer.

The main advantages of our system are:

  • Possibility of application in both new and existing buildings - regardless of the intended structural or architectural solutions,
  • Obtaining a waterproofing and finishing layer in a single working process, which gives savings in execution time and greater durability,
  • Freedom of surface shaping thanks to smooth material processing,
  • Rich palette of color versions,
  • Large selection of finishing types.

Just as in the sealing of reinforced concrete structures, we do not recognize technological and material compromises in the case of balconies and terraces. Therefore, we use the highest quality materials from reputable European manufacturers.

For each project received, we can offer an optimal solution not only in terms of technical requirements, but also aesthetic and economic.
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