Structural waterproofing "White Bathtub"

Structural waterproofing "White Bathtub"

Any reinforced concrete cubic structure must be resistant to groundwater and rainwater. For this purpose, it is necessary to use individually selected construction and execution solutions. Thanks to its versatility and flexibility, the technology we offer finds application in very diverse objects, guaranteeing their watertightness regardless of the level of groundwater, climate or other conditions. The solution offered by TBW Sp. z o.o. in the form of the so-called "white tub" is used as a protection:

- basements and underground parking lots
- terraces and flat roofs
- basins of swimming pools, retention, technological and fire-fighting tanks
- all kinds of objects located below the level of groundwater

Implementation of a typical order includes the following activities:

• Verification of available project documentation, development of a waterproofing system concept and pricing.
• Development of a complete design of the waterproofing system.
• Verification of concrete formulas for compliance with TBW technology requirements.
• Delivery and installation of waterproofing materials according to the developed design.
• Providing supervision during concreting of all waterproofing elements.
• Conducting concrete treatment
• Performing secondary compaction of concrete in case of floors.
• Sealing of formwork tie holes and execution of required resin lining in case of ceilings.

A properly designed and executed coating-free waterproofing system will permanently and effectively protect your investment, providing peace of mind and comfort of use of the object for many years

Book "Hydroizolacja Strukturalna TBW"

STRUCTURAL HYDROIZOLATION TBW - a guide for designers, investors and builders. Call and ask about a copy for you.

Using examples of specific completed buildings in Poland, we present the technical requirements and principles of operation of our waterproofing system and indicate all areas of its application. The publication is available free of charge to design offices, investors and general contractors cooperating with our company.

A refreshed edition of our publication, prepared on the occasion of TBW's 20th anniversary, is available from 2019.
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