Leak repairs

Leak repairs

Structural watertightness is a basic criterion for the safety and convenience of buildings. Unfortunately, the omnipresent pressure of time and the lowest price in our market often contributes to the neglect of the elementary issue, which is the correct execution of waterproofing works.

The consequences of such negligence usually appear only after the building is put into use and manifest themselves in flooded basements and garages, constant dampness of rooms and a significant reduction in the safety and comfort of the building.  This is usually due to workmanship and design errors, poor durability of waterproofing, and sometimes the use of waterproofing systems that are completely unsuitable for the characteristics or operating conditions of the building.

Being a company specializing in the execution of complete coating-free waterproofing systems for more than 20 years and having comprehensive experience in the field of construction waterproofing, TBW has in its permanent offer the service of repairing existing buildings showing leaks.

In the range of services offered, we have comprehensive repairs of existing reinforced concrete structures showing leaks: diagnosis of the actual causes of leaks, development and agreement of a reasonable repair program and calculation, comprehensive execution of repair work and provision of a leakage guarantee.

Repair works offered by TBW include:

  1. Sealing of structural expansion joints
  2. Sealing shrinkage and structural cracks in foundation slabs, walls and ceilings
  3. Surface sealings with synthetic resins
  4. Surface repairs using mortars and sealing grouts
  5. Sealing leaking floor or wall drains and utility penetrations
  6. Repairs of leaking openings after formwork welds
  7. Bonding injections
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